Monday, April 4, 2011


Adam has recently discovered his love for art. He loves to draw! He draws everything from cars to monsters. He loves to draw pictures about his lessons in church and he loves to draw the things around him. This picture is one he drew of our neighborhood. The big thing in the middle is our car. I finally had to have a heart to heart with him last week and explain that although we love his drawings, I cannot keep or hang every single one. At that point our fridge, our school room, his bedroom, Tessa's bedroom and our bedroom had been taken over by "Adam Art". I bought him a sketch pad so he could draw to his hearts content and know where all of his pictures were. Thankfully, he thought that was a fabulous idea. I am glad that he has discovered this interest. I love seeing his interpretation of things and his creativity come to life!
Tessa has also found a new favorite medium for her art....herself! Thank goodness for washable markers!

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Amberly said...

How sweet. I know what you mean having pictures everywhere. It is great that Adam loves to draw. He is really a great artist:)I love Tessa's work as well!