Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mommy School-Johnny Appleseed

Last week for Mommy School, we learned about apples and Johnny Appleseed. For our last big activity, Gwen helped Mommy make a delicious apple cake. She did all the measuring and mixing and of course had the most important job of licking the beaters. 

 Her final product was delicious! We couldn't even wait for the other kids to get home from school before we dug in for a taste!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Beautiful Midway, Utah

Mommy and Daddy got to run away for a few hours and we escaped up to beautiful Midway. I kept telling everyone we were celebrating our 10th, 11th, and 12th anniversaries and celebrating Daddy finishing his Masters Degree. Better late than never! We enjoyed the crisp fall air and beautiful colors. We got to swim in the crater and enjoyed some yummy, quiet meals together. 

 Don't tell us you have 15 different salsa's, cause we will try them all!
 Mommy got treated to a cup of amazing hot chocolate!

 We splurged and got a massage with a gift card we had. It was Daddy's first real massage and he decided he could definitely do that again. 

We would have loved a few more hours away, but we happily took what we could get. It will tie us over for another few years. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Builder of the Month

Last week at the kids school assembly, Adam received a very special award. He received the Builder of the Month Award for enthusiasm. He was so happy to get it as he told me a few weeks ago that he was working extra hard at being extra positive. Adam is always positive, so I can't imagine him trying harder to be more positive. We are proud of the good example he sets for everyone around him and for the happy and positive boy that he is!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Talented Tessa

Tessa brought home this amazing dragon that she drew all by herself. She asked Adam if she could illustrate his book a while back and he told her yes! When school started, she asked her art teacher for some tips on drawing dragons. We found out this week that Tessa has skipped every morning recess for the last 7 weeks to work with Mrs. Lee on her dragon. Adam said he will use it for the cover of his book. We were all impressed with her talent and her ambition! Her Great Grandpa would be so proud of her!! Amazing job, Tess!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

General Conference October 2016

We have been so excited for General Conference. Mommy decided the day before Conference to re-do our Conference board and was up half the night getting that done. But it was worth it because it turned out great and the kids loved it. 
 Between sessions, the family got some yard work done. I don't know why, but seeing the whole family work together makes me so happy. 
 While Daddy was at Priesthood with Pa and some of the Uncle's, the rest of us hung out with the girls and Aunt Clarissa did the girls nails. 
 We had our traditional nachos and banana splits. Caleb decided to eat his under the table for some reason. 
 Uncle Lynn spoke on Sunday! We always love hearing him speak. 

 Our new board got a lot of use!
 The kids love Conference because that means they get a ridiculous amount of sugar! But it helps them listen, so it's worth it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

See ya, September

 With more free time, Gwen has rediscovered her love of puzzles this month and can whip out some more difficult ones pretty quickly. 
 Mommy made a quick trip to California and got to go to Rubi's!
 Adam was sneaking Caleb into bed with him. We had to break that habit really quickly (for all of our sanity) but they sure looked cute sleeping with each other. 
 Adam ran an errand with Mom one evening, was treated to ice cream, and realized how important elbows are. 

 Tessa started ice skating lessons in September and is a natural. Her coaches can't believe how good she it! She is loving spending time on the ice each week.
 Mommy was glad to go back to church with the family after several weeks of staying home to rest. 

 Tessa started Activity Days and loves it!! Her only complaint is that she doesn't get to go every week. 

 Adam and Tessa are having great school year so far! They are bringing home good grades and are loving their classes and teachers. 
 We had a beautiful double rainbow in our backyard one evening. 
 Gwennie got to go to the library with Dad one evening to pick out a special Gwen show. She brought home a Care Bears movie, opened the case and asked, "Where's the disc?" That made Mom and Dad feel old!

 What a life!

 September means fall and fall means hats! We Nielson girls love our hats!
 We went to  Ma and Pa's for Oktoberfest. We ate delicious German food and played some of our favorite German games. 

 Tessa got to attend her first General Women's Broadcast with Mommy and all the other girls in the family. She worked on some art projects while she listened. 
 We had our annual General Conference trivia FHE to help us get ready for General Conference. 
 I thought Adam was sick one night because he went into the bathroom after I had tucked everyone in  and he was in there for a long time! Finally I knocked on the door and he said to come in, so I opened the door and found this. He wanted to finish his book, but didn't want to keep Caleb awake, so he hid in the bathroom. Goofy boy!
 Mommy is still recovering from surgery and some days are better than others. On rough days, we do lots of inside, quiet activities. Candyland gets played frequently. Thankfully, Gwen has no complaints about that!