Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We had such a great thanksgiving weekend. I wish it had lasted longer!
We started our Thanksgiving morning with turkey cinnamon rolls and watching the Macy's parade.
 We also got to skype with Mamaw and Bampa, which we loved! 
 Aunt Katy had crafts for the kids to do at Ma and Pa's house. 
 The kids had fun playing football with Daddy and Uncle Matt and Uncle Danny. It's not Thanksgiving without a turkey bowl. 

 We played some hilarious games before dinner. We had to dress the turkey.

 We played flip the cup. Poor Tessa could not get her cup to stay standing. 
 We had to find the sinking Pilgrims.

 Ma even played with us. 
 Danny kept Gwen good and irritated all afternoon. 
 Aunt Gillian taught us how to play Bunko. Tessa loved it!

 So much to be thankful for!!
 And miracle of miracles...Tessa tried turkey and liked it!

 Adam weighed himself before and after dinner and was disappointed to see that the scale didn't move. I wish I was that anxious to gain weight. 
 Our Tom the Turkey got nice and full this year. 
 We also had a random acts of kindness tree. It was nice to see all the nice things our family did for each other. 

 My favorite part of our Thanksgiving holiday is our family thankful journal. I love seeing the kids writing in it, and I love reading what everyone writes. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The toy catalog came in the mail and the kids wasted no time circling everything they could possibly want. 
 Reading time is our favorite time of day. Especially when it involves books about funny underwear. 
 Mommy and Daddy got to sneak away for an afternoon of BYU football. 
 Mommy and Tessa hit up some sales at the mall. This girl is a crack up to shop with. And her outfits always make the shopping trips more entertaining. 
 Mommy got called to be a Gospel Doctrine teacher. While it is a daunting calling, I am so grateful to be able to study the scriptures more. 
 Tessa taught Gwen how to fold towels one evening. 

 Adam and Tessa put new (ridiculous) signs on their bedroom doors. 
 Tessa had "the worst day of her whole school career" a couple of weeks ago. One of her best friends said she didn't want to be friends anymore, cause she thought Tessa had been spying on her during recess. But it was a different redhead that this girl saw. Tessa was pretty devastated. But they had both forgotten the whole incident 2 days later. We had some extra bedtime snuggles that night while Tessa told me all her 3rd grade drama. 
 Caleb dancing at Story Time. With a Storm Trooper blaster, of course. 

 Adam had his 5th grade choir concert at school. He was excited to perform the songs they had learned in choir and only yawned through parts of his performance. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Super Moon 2016

Last Sunday and Monday, we got to enjoy the beautiful Super Moon. We checked it out before bed on Sunday night, and the kids got up super early to check it out on Monday morning. It was certainly a site to behold!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Veteran's Day

In October, Adam wrote an essay for school about Veteran's Day and what it means to him. We didn't even know he wrote it until he turned it in. I was gone for a weekend in early November and got an email notification on my phone that I had an email from Adam Nielson. What? I opened the email and not only was I shocked to receive my first email from my oldest child, but in his email, he told me that he won an essay contest for Veteran's Day and would be reading his essay for the Veterans Day assembly as school. We were so proud of him! 
Mommy got to go and hear him read his essay in front of his entire school and about 100 Veterans who were special guests at the assembly. He did such a great job! He said he wasn't very nervous, which was good, because Mommy was super nervous for him. 

 In his essay, he mentioned his Great Grandpa Nielson, his Great Grandpa Lemley, and his Uncle's Danny and Jake. He even took pictures of them to show during his essay. He told a story about his Great Grandpa Nielson that I had never even heard. I guess having him work on family history this summer paid off. 

 He said he received so many compliments after the assembly, that he didn't know how to answer people after a while. We are proud of Adam for being such a great kid. He truly appreciates the brave men and women who give so much to protect our freedom. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Election Day 2016

This election had us all banging our heads against the wall. It has been an ugly campaign for both parties, that left the American people frustrated. We have kind of been dreading this election because neither of the candidates made us very happy. But, we voted and made our voices heard. 
 We had a patriotic dinner and some good discussions about our voting process and what was happening with the results we were hearing. The kids were just happy to get hamburgers for dinner. 
 Mommy made her first homemade apple pie. It was the best part of our night!
 Adam wanted to stay up all night and watch the results. We stayed up pretty late listening to the news. We woke up to learn that Donald Trump had won the election. We were relieved that it wasn't Hilary, but we also have our reservations about President-Elect Trump. We can only go forward now and pray for him and his staff that they will make righteous decisions for our country. No matter the outcome of this election, we wanted our kids to know how lucky they are to live in the United States, to have the ability and freedom to vote for new leaders, and to enjoy all the freedom that we do. Those are thing that make America great and we are so blessed to be able to live here!
 But, Mommy was secretly hoping this would magically happen...