Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mommy's Surgery

Last week, Mommy finally had her jaw surgery. It's been a long time waiting for this. I was glad to finally get it over with. As always, they couldn't get an IV in me. That stresses me out more than th actual surgery. It took them 3 tries before they finally got one going in me. I had bruises up my right arm from being poked and prodded. 
 When I got into the operating room, the anesthesiologist told me to think about my husband, and then next thing I knew, I thought I was waking up in a hallway. Then I realized I was too tired to care and went back to sleep. I woke up in my hospital room with my Mom and Eric waiting for me to come around. I was glad to hear things went well and I really needed to use the bathroom, but again, I was too tired to even care and kept sleeping. I slept and slept and slept. I figured this was my chance to catch up on being sleep deprived for 10 years. I finally got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. 

 The pain wasn't too bad. I was mostly uncomfortable and had no desire to walk or drink. I just wanted to sleep. My head was so fuzzy. And having my jaw completely "wired" shut felt awful. 

 I came home Tuesday afternoon and was so happy to see this sweet sign hanging on our garage. 
The next couple of days were really rough. My face swelled like crazy, I couldn't breathe, and the last think I wanted to do was eat. Wednesday was a really rough day and I promised my self that if I made it through that day, I would push myself to take care of myself. It wasn't easy, but I survived. 

 My famous Jaw Bra

 Mamma was here to help take care of the kids and Ma stayed with me all day long to take care of me. When the kids got home in the evenings, they would come say hi to me and Gwen would draw me pictures. I couldn't really talk, so I had to use white boards to communicate with everyone. I also could only "eat" and drink through this syringe. That got old really fast!!

 I was grateful for the thoughtfulness of others during my rough week. I had friends and family come visit, bring me goodies, bring my family dinner, and I had many offers for help. A sweet girl that I visit teach brought me flowers and this book with a sweet note inside about all the things she loves about me. I thanked her with a hug and squirted her in the face with one of my leaking ice packs. Luckily, we had a good laugh about it. 
 Sunday was our 12th anniversary. This is how I looked for it. So romantic!
 I was so grateful for our Mom's and all the help they offered to us the past 2 weeks. While Ma was here she taught the kids to play Jacks. 
 This picture was taken 8 days after surgery. Still really swollen and I still can't talk or eat, but we are making progress. Hopefully this will all be worth it and the next several weeks of recovery will go by quickly! I am anxious to look and feel like myself again. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Birthday Week!

Last week was birthday week at our house! On Tuesday, Tessa turned 8! She got to spend a fun day out with Mamma. Mommy came home from the hospital that afternoon, and that evening, Tess got to open a few presents. 

 She got a book on baptism from Mamma, a new princess dress, and a new cd from Mom and Dad!
 Everyone was a little freaked out by Mommy, but they tried to hide it and still come near me. 
 Thursday was Caleb's birthday and he turned 2! The kids spend another fun day out with Mamma so Mommy could rest. When they got home in the evening, Caleb got to open a few presents and then they had some cupcakes and ice cream. 
Aunt Katy brought Caleb a Nemo toy.

He got some Star Wars toys and dinosaur toys from Mom and Dad.

And Mamma got him some new sandbox toys.

His big surprise from Mom and Dad was a Storm Trooper that is the same size as he is! He was so excited!!

He was so excited to blow out his candles. Mommy made him do it twice to make sure we got good pictures. He had no complaints!

Such a happy birthday boy!

It wasn't exactly how I would have liked to celebrate their birthdays, but they both had happy days, so that's all we can hope for. Happy birthday, kiddos! We love you!!