Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vietnam Memorial Wall

Last week we were able to take the kids to see the Moving Wall (the Vietnam War Memorial) that made a stop in Provo. I am so grateful we had this opportunity to teach the kids about the sacrifice others have made for our country. 
 Adam and Tessa were blown away by how many names were on the wall. 48,000, to be exact. I was proud of them for taking time to look at each panel and read through the names on each one. 

 When we were leaving, we had a woman pull up next to us in her car and call Eric and I over to her. She thanked us for bringing our kids to see the wall and teach them about what it was. She said she had been sitting with some Veterans, who were watching Adam and Tessa. She said they were emotional watching the kids and they expressed their gratitude that young kids were honoring our military. Sometimes we get things right. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Caleb's Dun Dun Party

Since Mommy was under the weather for Caleb's 2nd birthday, we planned on having a birthday party a few weeks later to celebrate our cute little man. We've know for months and months that his next birthday party had to be a Star Wars party, or "Dun Dun" as Caleb calls it. Mommy had lots of fun planning and preparing for this party.We had such a great evening!
 Mommy made Light Saber cupcakes, Princess Leia cupcakes, and Storm Trooper cupcakes

 Mommy made some Tie Fighters to hang as decorations and we planned all the food around Star Wars characters or place. 
 We had Cantina chicken sandwiches with Leia buns, tie fighter pasta salad, Padowan potato salad, Chewy chips, Vader veggies, Droid dip, Boba fruit, and we even had Han Solo in carbonite Jell-O. 

 I attempted to make X wing fighters and Tie fighters out of vegetables. 
 Caleb was hilarious to watch opening his presents. He would open one and refuse to put it down. Until he got a peek at the next present Mommy would start to open, then he would throw the present in his hand on the floor and quickly try to unwrap the new present. His facial expressions and reactions to everything were so fun to watch!

 While he was trying out his new, cozy chair, a special visitor came walking down the stairs! Caleb's first reaction was totally amazed and quite excited. Then Darth Vader got closer, and suddenly Caleb wasn't quite as excited. 

 Someone threw Caleb a light saber and he immediately turned it on and held it up to defend himself. It was so funny!!

 He did not want to be close to Darth Vader at all. The closer we made him go, the more he fussed and tried to run away. 

 It was so nice of Uncle Ben to make Caleb's birthday party so fun! Another favorite part of our evening, was when Caleb put on a Kylo Ren mask and ran around trying to use the force on everyone. 

 He was excited to blow out his candles and since he did such a good job blowing candles out on his actual birthday, we didn't think he'd have a problem this time around. But instead of blowing he kept spitting. And then he couldn't figure out why the flame wouldn't go out. So he would spit harder. Soon we had some nice, drooly spit falling down his chin onto his cupcake. Eventually, he spit hard enough to get his candles out!

Check out that drool....we saved those cupcakes just for him!

 It was such fun party and he had so much fun with everyone! 

 He got some pretty fun stuff! He loves all his new Kachow's and Dun Dun's.

 The next morning he was still on a birthday high. He drove Gwen crazy with his light sabers and broke in his new chair. He's the cutest two year old around!! Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Man!!