Friday, October 10, 2014

An Update

4 kids has me busy. I am finding that my time management skills are not what they used to be. At least I am still taking pictures and getting them blogged for the kids....eventually.
 I blog for my kids. Almost every night after dinner, I find one of them looking through a blog book or a chat book or a scrapbook. They love looking through our memories and so I record those memories for them. That is my motivation to keep doing this. 
Here's what's been going on around here lately. 
Gwen is growing! She is already in 3T clothes. She usually takes naps in the car when we pick the kids up from school which means huge fits when I wake her up in the late afternoon because she's exhausted and wants to sleep more and bedtime becomes a total joke. Not to mention she is still in our bed most nights. One afternoon last week, I got her awake from her late afternoon nap, she went upstairs to play with the kids while I started dinner and then I walked upstairs and found her passed out in the doorway a while later. Apparently she needed 2 naps that afternoon. 
 The kids are good about "entertaining" Caleb while I attempt to throw dinner together. Gwen sang songs to him one evening last week. She loves being Mommy's helper. 

Caleb is growing like a weed now! He is such a happy, easy going baby.Until he is hungry. Then he goes from 0-60 in like 2 seconds. His face turns so red when he screams for food. He is changing everyday!

 Caleb has been sporting his BYU attire during this roller coaster of a football season. 
He has been SO smiley lately. We love his big grins. 
 I recently realized that I have taken hardly any pictures with Caleb since we came home from the hospital. That was a lot easier to do with one or two kids and Eric and I had the evenings to just take a million pictures and play with our new babies. Now we have homework and scouts and reading time and scripture study and bath time and bedtime. So, that means less pictures with Mommy and Daddy. But, I have tried to get Adam and Tessa to help me fix that problem. Someones head is usually cut off, but at least we tried. 

 I always check on the kids before I go to bed. I found Adam like this the other night. I love that he is 8 and still likes to sleep cuddling something. I hope he finds a snugly wife someday. 
 Tessa steals my phone on a daily basis and will take a billion pictures of Caleb. I seriously delete about 15-25 pictures a day from her photo shoots (just the really blurry ones). She loves capturing pictures of her baby brother smiling or making silly faces. 
 Future Cougar!
 This is how pathetic my parenting has become. I get Gwen breakfast in the morning and set her up with the tablet to watch Care Bears while I attempt to get a workout in. Thankfully, this is not happening everyday. Just on my desperate mornings. 
 Caleb got to go on a date with Mommy and Daddy. And, Eric finally shaved!
 Tessa is the best little mommy around!
(photo by Adam)
 More bedtime pictures. Not really sure how Gwen fell asleep like that....
 Always the Princess

 We had a nice General Conference weekend. It was a busy weekend for me. I think I finally got to sit through half of a session on Sunday morning. But the kids had fun with their activities that we always do. Tessa even created a new apostle, Elder Lucky C. Kitten.
 Our Conference candy jars are probably the most loved of all our Conference traditions. 
 Bedtime snuggles
 More Tessa pictures. She does get some big smiles out of him!
 I have a longer commute to get the kids to school each day, but my views couldn't be more amazing. This week I have been filled with such gratitude for the beautiful place we live. I love Utah in the fall. The orange and red mountains make my soul happy. 
 Caleb has wanted to be held a lot his week. And while I get stressed out with everything that I feel needs to get done, I have tried to remind myself that these moments to snuggle him when he's so small will be over so quickly. So, I have done a lot of snuggling and I don't regret a second of it. I am so thankful to be a mommy!

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