Friday, November 21, 2014

Mommy's Day Away

2 weeks ago, I got to escape for the day and attend the Pinner's Conference. It was SO fun! I spent the entire day in classes and had my creative juices rejuvenated. I took Caleb with me, but he was perfect the entire day. 
 Seriously, this baby is perfect! 
 I had so much fun taking classes from people who I have admired from afar for years. I met Becky Higgins and took her Project Life class which left me in tears. I am so thankful for her product and the ability it gives me to actually document our memories. It was fun to chat with her and thank her. She was glad to hear that Project Life is being used and loved constantly in our home. 

 Another awesome lady I had the privilege of meeting was, Alicia Richmond. I have been watching her on TV for years and it was fun to get some free fashion advice from her. Now I need some free time (and money) to go shopping. She even told me I had a tiny waste. She's my new favorite person. 
It was so fun to attend the Conference and I am already planning my weekend for next year. It was uplifting and inspiring for me and I left feeling excited about new projects and satisfied with myself, knowing that the woman, wife and mother I am, is enough. 

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