Sunday, December 7, 2014

Adam's Santa Hat

It's that time of year again. When Adam eats, sleeps and does everything in between all while wearing his Santa hat. The only times he doesn't have it on is when he is at school or at church. It's the first thing he grabs when he gets home from school and it doesn't come off his head until we leave for school the next morning. 
(And yes, he's playing outside in December in short sleeves. We're having a heat wave that we are hating. We want some snow!!)

 I am not sure how many years now Adam has been wearing the same Santa hat, but we noticed that it was filthy and pretty stinky. So, his old hat was retired and he got a new hat this year. Even he was grossed out when he saw the difference between the two hats. The picture doesn't really do the old hat justice. I guess you can say it was a very loved and well worn hat.

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