Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Tessa was the first one up on Christmas morning, around 7:30. She promptly woke everyone else up. They were very excited to see if Santa had come. We started our morning in Mommy and Daddy's room where we read the Christmas Story and had family prayer. We started a new tradition this year and opened a new picture of Christ for our home. 

They were so excited to see that Santa had come and had left them such fun presents! They were also surprised to see we had a ton of snow!! Adam and Tessa declared it a Christmas miracle.
They wasted no time opening their gifts from mom and dad. 
Gwen got a Doc McStuffins kit, an Anna dress, and a fun little computer.

Tessa got an Elsa dress, a dinosaur kit and tickets to go see Walking with Dinosaurs with Daddy, and a Magic kit. 

Adam got the Chronicles of Narnia series, a football video game, and a fun lawn dart game.

The older kids were very "helpful" when it came to opening Caleb's presents. They wanted him to play with everything. 

Mommy and Daddy got some fun stuff too!

It was a happy Christmas morning!

 After we opened presents and had our Christmas breakfast, we got ready and headed up to Ma and Pa's house where we got to talk to Uncle Ben in Chile. This will be our last Christmas talking to missionaries until Adam is gone. It was good to see and talk to Ben. He is doing great and will be home in 3 short months!

The kids were anxious to open presents at Ma and Pa's house. Talking to Uncle Ben was only exciting for a few minutes when they knew they had presents waiting for them. 
Gwen got some fun dress up shoes and some play dough. 

Tessa got some accessories to go with her magic kit. 

Adam got some fun new books and a new jersey.
Caleb got some toys and books and formual

Gwen was so helpful to help everyone else open their presents. We finally got her distracted with some play dough.

We had the cutest Santa Baby ever this year. He loves his new little mirror. It makes tummy time slightly more enjoyable. He hates tummy time. 
The day after Christmas, Adam wanted to see how much snow we had. He measured 6 1/2 inches. They have been playing in the backyard everyday and are loving the snow. It has been a fun Christmas holiday!

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