Thursday, December 4, 2014

Here Comes Santa Claus!

The Friday morning after Thanksgiving, we always go up to the University Mall to see Santa fly in on his (a) helicopter. We have been doing this for years and it's something the kids always look forward to. Ma and Pa met us this year. Gwen was so anxious to see Santa!

Poor Pa getting attacked by Adam photo bombing. 

The girls were thrilled to see some special Princesses were waiting for Santa too. Elsa and Anna were there too, but the line to see them was ridiculous. 

Caleb was not impressed with our early morning family outing. Especially since it was his nap time. 

Santa finally arrived and the kids waited very patiently for their turn to say hi to him and give him a hug. Santa is always good to stop for pictures!

Her dream came true and she got to see Santa!
Mrs. Claus was there too and reminded the kids that Santa checks his list often. 
On our way home that afternoon, we passed a horrible accident. It was on our off ramp, so we couldn't get off the freeway when we needed to. It looked like a tanker truck and later we learned that a tanker truck full of fuel, slid off the freeway and exploded. People in our neighborhood heard the explosion. Other motorists who were there when it happened, jumped out and saved the driver. He is up at the burn unit in Salt Lake, but the fact that he is alive after seeing this accident is nothing short of a miracle. It was humbling to drive by this scene and it was a good teaching moment for the kids as to why we always wear our seat belt and obey the speed limit. We missed the initial explosion by minutes. We kind of felt like someone had been watching out for us. 

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