Monday, December 15, 2014

More Christmas Countdown Activities

I can't remember what numbers each of these activities go with, so we are going to stick to the days of the week. Eric asked Adam this past weekend what some of his favorite Christmas traditions were and he said that our countdown activities are one of his top 3 favorite things to do at Christmas time. That made me so happy to hear!! My hard work has paid off. 
Last Monday, we had the Riley's over for another fun gingerbread house making party. I love watching the kids work so hard on their houses and I love hearing them all play together. I am so thankful we have such good friends that are really more like family.

 Adam made a school house, Tessa was most proud of her pumpkin patch, and Gwen loves the funny face on the side of her house.

 I'm so thankful for this beautiful girl!! We have been friends for almost 15 years. Crazy how fast time has gone. 
 Wednesday we started a new tradition that I will have to improve upon, but we had a North Pole dinner. Everything we ate was red and green. We even made our spaghetti noddles green! My dream is to have Christmas dishes someday to make these fun meals more festive.
 Thursday was Festival of Lights! The kids loved seeing all the lights. We missed not having any snow though. Afterwards we took Daddy out to Salem Pond to show him those lights too.

 Friday night, we had our Polar Express party. Forgot to take pictures.
 Saturday we went to Spring Haven for the Nielson Family Christmas Party. We had a wonderful time as always and the kids loved having a pinata to destroy this year. It was fun to spend time with our wonderful Nielson family!!

This weekend we also had a reindeer breakfast, complete with reindeer pancakes and reindeer milk. 

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