Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Saturday Adventures

Our activity for Saturday was to head up to Salt Lake to see the Christmas windows at the Grand America and then head over to Temple Square to see the lights. 
We loved the windows this year! Gwen was hard to keep wrangled, but the older two loved them.

 Gwen showing us the lights outside. 
 This giant gingerbread house is made from real gingerbread!!!! It was crazy amazing!

 Getting to Temple Square was the adventurous part of our evening. We got stuck in horrible downtown traffic. It took us over 30 minutes to get from the hotel to even close to Temple Square. Then we got stuck in a protest marching down from the State Capitol (hence the traffic). Then once we finally got parked, Gwen barfed all over the parking lot. And finally every person in the state of Utah seemed to be at Temple Square that night. It was so packed we couldn't get to anything. We eventually made our way to the very edge of Temple Square by the Church Office Building so we could take some pictures. We go every year and have never seen crowds like that. It was nuts, but it will definitely be a year we remember. 
Gwen was amazed by the lights and the "Castle Temple". The older kids were really sad we didn't get to see the nativity or go into any visitor centers. We might have to go up during an afternoon so they can see those things this year. All in all, the lights were beautiful and despite the crowds, it was nice to feel the peace of Temple Square. (Especially after getting caught in an angry protest.)
 We had a fun evening together making new memories.

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Kara said...

You made it closer then us...our night ended at the gateway applebees and I was almost in tears because I wanted to see the lights