Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gwen Turns 3!

Oh my goodness! Three years old?! When did that happen? Gwen has been anxiously counting down the days for her birthday. She has been so excited to turn 3. Mommy and Caleb spent her birthday driving home from California, so Daddy and the other kids met up with some of our Nielson family at Discovery Gateway for a little birthday fun. Our kids had a blast and loved being with their cousins.

 Mamma, Daddy, Aunt Lisa and Aunt Angel sent Mommy pictures throughout the day of what they kids were up to. Gwen built this tower all by herself. 
 Daddy went and got a little birthday cake and as soon as Mommy was home, Gwen opened a couple of presents and blew out her birthday candles. She was so excited to have a birthday party!
(A couple of weeks ago, Ma taught Gwen how to hold up 3 fingers.)
 She got a Frozen snow wand and some Sophia the First toys. There are more presents to come for her big party.

 She loved having everyone sing to her.

 We've come a long way since her first birthday!

 She loved her cake and ice cream and couldn't wait to start playing with her new toys. 
Happy Birthday, Gwennie!! We love you so, so much!

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