Thursday, January 22, 2015

He's on the move!

I do not post enough about this adorable little guy! He is the happiest and most fun baby! He has been wiggling all over the place for a few weeks now and now that he is rolling, he is all over the floor. I finally got some pictures of him rolling over. The kids love watching him do his "tricks".

 Once he is on his belly, he looks like a seal. He will balance himself on his belly and keep his arms and legs in the air.

 Baby thighs make me happy!
 He is tolerating tummy time a bit better these days. He is getting better at rolling from his belly to his back, so that is helping. It helps when he can chomp on a toy or his fingers. 

 He used to have red hair back there. Now he just looks like a bald old man. 

 He isn't left alone much. There is always someone in his face or kissing his head. He is one loved boy!

 And, now we know we can't just set him in his bouncer without buckling him anymore. Sneaky little boy!

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