Sunday, February 1, 2015

Family Fun Day

Last Saturday, we had a fun family day of bowling and ice cream at BYU.  Adam and Tessa love to bowl! Daddy took the win, but Tessa took first place for the kids and was so proud of herself. She even got a strike!

 Gwen took pushing her ball down the ramp very seriously!

 Tessa got very into the game! She tried the ramp for the first half of the game, but then moved on to putting the ball on the floor and rolling it down the lane. 
 When Daddy was busy chasing Gwen, Mommy got to bowl with Caleb in tow. I still got 2 strikes! Glad those bowling lessons way back when I was 13 have paid off .

 Great form, boys!
 Gwen had a victory dance after every turn.
 Here is Tessa's roll that got her the strike for the lead! She was beyond thrilled!
 It was a fun afternoon together!

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