Friday, March 13, 2015

7 Months Old

On Wednesday, Caleb turned 7 months old. Time is just flying with this little guy. 
We were surprised to find a tooth on Tuesday night! I had no idea he was teething. He wasn't unusually fussy or anything. And normally, our kids don't get teeth for like 4 more months. He also has way more hair than our kids have at this age. Adam says he has Alfalfa hair. 
Caleb is finally eating better. Still not a lot, but every feeding is no longer a battle where I have to man handle him to get a bottle in his mouth. He likes his solid foods for the most part. Some days are better than others with his eating. I have never met a kid who didn't like eating. He confuses me!

He is also going through that fun phase of wanting to be held constantly and Mom can't leave his sight or he freaks out! Taking a shower is becoming difficult with him screaming if I go into the bathroom. 
He is sitting on his own now and loves that. He still loves to play with his feet and recently discovered that he can take off his socks, so he loves doing that. He is getting close to getting up on his knees. It won't be long before he is crawling all over the place. He also recently discovered remote controls. If he sees one (or a cell phone) he dives for it and screams bloody murder if we take them away. So, he got his very own remote from the Dollar Store, which he happily chomps on most of the day. 
He brings such happiness to our family and we sure love him!

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