Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a happy Easter this year. We were thankful to spend some extra special time during this past week to focus on our Savior and the wonderful gift of the Atonement and Resurrection. We watched "The Lamb of God" for FHE last week and it totally traumatized Gwen, so it has been good to review things with her throughout the week and I am so grateful that we have been able to teach her that Jesus doesn't have "ouchies"anymore.
We squeezed a few fun activities in this week too. The kids had fun making bunny masks. 

 We made some fun and delicious Easter cookies. 

We colored Easter eggs.

 Gwen was amazed that they turned colors. 
 Caleb was just happy to bounce and watch us do our thing. 

With Easter magic in the air this week, the kids planted jelly beans to see if they would grow. 
 It's always a surprise to see their jelly beans grow into lollipops!

 The Easter Bunny did not disappoint this year! He brought them all baskets full of goodies and junk food. 
 Caleb got a sneak peak at his basket before the other kids came downstairs. 

 Tessa wastes no time "sampling" her candy.
 The Easter Bunny left the kids eggs to find around the house because it was a little chilly outside. 


 Gwen had to inspect the bunny tracks that were left all over our house.


 He's a sneaky baby!

 Saturday afternoon we went to Ma and Pa's house, where the kids got to have another egg hunt with their cousins. 

 Gwen was happy to find jelly beans inside her eggs.

 It was a fun weekend for these kiddos, but most of all we are so thankful to know the true meaning of Easter. We are thankful to know that because our Savior lives, we can be forgiven and comforted, we can be with our family that has passed on before us, and we can be together forever. What a wonderful gift that is! 

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