Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Look Back At April

April was another busy month with lots of new things...especially for Caleb.
In one week, he learned to sit up, crawl and clap. He loves his new found freedom. But, that means nothing is safe.

 He also quickly discovered the stairs. He follows the noise from the other kids. You can tell he can't wait to run around with them! And the baby gates promptly came out after this.
 It was time to throw away the girls ruby slippers. I think Mommy was more upset about this than they were.

 He is everywhere and into everything! The babies always love to destroy my cookbooks.
 Tessa takes packing her lunches very seriously.
 We attempted some pictures in their Easter clothes. I don't think we got one good picture, but we tried and they all looked darling.

 Our beautiful girls!
 He still loves remotes and phones. It doesn't matter how many toy he has near him, if he sees a remote or phone, that's all he wants.
 2 weeks after he started crawling, he started standing. And he is so proud of himself!
 Tessa is our little artist! One of her pieces of artwork was selected to go to the District Art Show for school. She can't wait to go see it!
 Some cute pictures of the kids while we were at one of Adam's games. Tessa was too busy reading Calvin and Hobbs to get her picture taken.

 Gwen spent an hour playing in the dirt during one game. Whatever makes her happy...

I caught him sleeping with his blanket over his face one afternoon and every time I tried to move it, he pulled it right back over his face.

The warmer weather means bubble time in the backyard.
I found this note on Adam's desk one afternoon. Tessa is our note writer. We all get lots of notes from her and they always make me smile!
Mommy and Daddy got to sneak away one afternoon and see one of our favorite plays. It was a wonderful production of a beautiful story. 
See. Nothing is safe.
The middle of April brought the snowstorm we had waited all winter for. The kids were thrilled to see snow!
Sometimes he goes a mile a minute and then just crashes and falls dead asleep in the strangest positions. He's a funny boy!

We celebrated Earth Day with our favorite pancakes for breakfast and Dirt for dessert. 
The gummy worms are always the favorite thing to find in their dirt. 
We have had ear infections and coughs, which meant sleepless nights. Well, for Mommy anyways. 
We love to take our afternoon walks around the block. Gwen loves to ride her bike and wear her princess helmet (which really belongs to Tessa).
Those are some random things from our April. On to May...

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