Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Adam Turns 9!

It's hard to believe that our Adam is 9 years old! Time goes by so fast when these kids are growing up. He has been so excited for his birthday to come. We did lots of celebrating the last couple of days.
Last Thursday, Mommy and Daddy took Adam out for his special birthday dinner. He chose Iggy's again this year. He couldn't wait to watch a playoff game.


As usual, his eyes never left the screen. He got to watch the Rockets and Golden State Warriors play. Everyone around us got a kick out of watching him cheer. He gets a little excited....

He was excited to get a birthday treat and a song.
Sunday evening, we had all the grandparents over for a birthday dinner. Ben and Andrew came too.
Adam requested chicken enchiladas for dinner and a Nutella Strawberry cake for his birthday cake this year.
He got lots of fun presents from his grandparents. 
Mamma and Bampa gave him this cool game. Adam is proud of himself for being as smart as his Big Uncle Ben. Mamma told Adam she gave this game to Ben when he was 35.
He got more games and water guns from Mamma and Bampa.
Money from Great Grandma. 
Ma and Pa gave him a subscription to Boys Life.
He also got a new book from Ma and Pa and a new basketball!

The Birthday Boy!

He almost got all of his candles.
Monday was his actual birthday.
 He was happy to wake up and be officially 9.
For his birthday breakfast, he requested French Toast and sausage. 
He was a good sport about sharing his birthday with other Memorial Day festivities. We went to a program at the cemetery in the morning and then we had a bbq at Ma and Pa's house in the afternoon. He was happy to get to play some basketball with his uncles. We took cupcakes for everyone at the bbq and he got more fun presents. 

From Mommy and Daddy, he got a new BYU hat, a new video game, his Bear Scout stuff, a Glider and Badminton. 

He got some Hardy Boys books from Uncle Danny and Aunt Shannee.

All of his fun loot!
Happy Birthday, Big Guy! You have made our home a happy and fun place to be and  you always amaze us with your smarty brain and your kind and sensitive heart. We are so thankful to have you in our family and that we were able to celebrate your big 9th birthday! Now stop growing!!

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