Sunday, June 7, 2015

Our Day with the Dinosaurs

Saturday after our chores were done, we headed up to Thanksgiving Point to spend some time with the Dinosaurs. The night before, Eric and I broke down and let the kids watch Jurassic Park. We were worried it would be too scary, but Tessa thought it was the coolest movie ever. 
Tessa and Adam both wore their shirts from their Dino Dash to the museum. 

 Gwen was freaked out by everything. Even random noises sent her running back to us when the kids were building their own dinosaur. 

 She finally cheered up when they got to play in the sand. 

 Tessa was in her element. She sure loves her dinosaurs. 

 And then we got to the shark. Making Gwen get close to it made her scream and run for her life. That made the rest of us laugh. 

 As always, Caleb was perfect and had fun watching the other kids run around. 

 We finished our day by digging up some dinosaur bones. 
The kids are already planning our next trip back. We are lucky to have such a fun museum so close to us. I don't think Tessa is going to get sick of dinosaurs anytime soon. 

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