Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer of Fun-Week 5

Last week was a rough one for Mommy, so we kind of took things easy. Tuesday morning, Mommy got braces. It has been an adjustment. 
Besides feeling like I look completely ridiculous, I have been in a lot of pain. Several days later and I am still not feeling 100%. Hopefully this will be worth it and I will feel better soon. It's going to be a long 2 years!
Wednesday, Adam got to participate in our cities flag retirement ceremony. Adam loves being able to do this as a Cub Scout. Tessa and Mommy went to the ceremony with Adam and Daddy wrangled the 2 youngest at home.

Adam is the 3rd to last boy in line. 

Thursday, we ventured out to Story Time at the Library. Caleb was a happy boy that morning!

This weeks theme was Everyday Heroes. They talked about how being a good friend can make you a hero. 
Tessa takes her coloring very seriously and we had to wait an extra 15 minutes for her to get her picture just right. 
We made Egg Carton Flowers Thursday afternoon. Gwen loves to paint, so any craft involving paint and she is a happy girl!
Our boy is getting so big! He is finally holding his bottle on his own. As long as he has a ball close to him. Hopefully I will get his 11 month pictures posted soon. This year with him has gone by so fast!

Friday morning, Mommy went to clean Great Grandpa's house. Adam and Tessa tagged along and played a few rounds of checkers with Grandpa. 

Friday evening we roasted hot dogs and had a fun dinner outside. The kids and Daddy were supposed to camp out back, but the wind was too crazy and then the rain started. 
We opted for a fun movie night instead. 
Saturday we headed to Park City to see one of our favorite shows. The Freestyle Show at the Olympic Park is so fun! We love seeing it every summer. 

Gwennie had a rough morning. We sat close to a speaker and she hated the noise. Daddy had to walk her around a bit during the show to keep her happy. 
These athletes are incredible!

Adam and Tessa got to meet some of the team after the show. 
It was Western Day at the Park, so we hung around for a while so the kids could check out some of the activities. Adam and Tessa both got their faces painted. Tessa wanted to be a wolf and Adam chose the Hulk. 

Tessa was so thrilled with her face. She kept leaving lunch to go to the bathroom to look at herself. 
Gwen was very much a threenager all of Saturday. She wasn't satisfied with anything. But she reassured us several times that she was cute. And she is.

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