Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer of Fun-Week 6

Last week was another fun one! Last Sunday, the kids decided to make chocolate chip cookies all by themselves. Mommy helped with some of the scooping and answered questions, but other than that, the kids did all the work. They are cute little chefs and their cookies turned out great!

Monday we decided was Marshmallow Monday. We made marshmallow catapults and had fun trying to shoot mini marshmallows into targets. 

Caleb liked to eat the marshmallows that were being launched all over the living room. 

 We also made S'mores dip and watched a fun movie. 
 Monday night, Mommy got to run away with Aunt Dee to see The Jets and Debbie Gibson in concert. It was such a fun night!

Tuesday we went to Chuck E Cheese with Ma and Ares for Ares birthday.  
 The kids had so much fun on the rides and playing the games. Gwen was giddy!
 Tuesday night we had some evening fun outside. The girls roller skated, rode their bikes, and jumped rope. I loved watching them just be happy girls. 

Wednesday afternoon the kids spend most of their time in the backyard having a water fight. They loved it!
 Rub-a-dub dub. 3 kids in the tub. 
 Thursday was doctor appointment day. Adam and Tessa both had their annual check ups. Gwen was pretty bummed that is wasn't her turn also. We are thankful to have 4 healthy kiddos!
 Thursday night we walked around Fiesta Days. We walked around all the booths and carnival. We opted to not do any rides this year because they were pretty pricey. We enjoyed just spending some time together. 

 We had to get our traditional shaved ice. Caleb couldn't eat it fast enough!

 Friday was Pioneer Day and we spend the morning doing the Temple to Temple 5k. We walked from old Provo Temple to the new Provo Temple. It was a fun walk with about 12,000 people walking. So it was crowded. Gwen and Caleb slept the whole way once we started. Tessa rode in the back of the double stroller and Adam walked with us. He liked high-fiving all the missionaries that were cheering us on and he got to see Jamaal Williams too!

That afternoon the kids made our traditional marshmallow covered wagons. 

 Adam and Tessa really wanted to do a stick pull like Joseph Smith.
 We spent the evening at Maggie and Scott's for our traditional Pioneer Day Dutch Oven Dinner. Tessa was so happy that Maggie let her feed their chickens and collect some eggs. 

 Saturday we went up to Augie's birthday party. Gwen made a new friend and called her "Sister" the entire evening. Everyone loved watching them play together. 

 The party was fun and we loved watching Augie get so excited about everything! We are glad to have some of our cousins close!
Sunday was Baby Gia's blessing, so we spent the day at Ma and Pa's house for that. During the week I never feel like we do enough and then blogging about our week makes me tired! I am glad we are having such a fun and happy summer!

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