Sunday, August 16, 2015

Caleb Turns One!!

On Tuesday, the 11th, Caleb turned one year old! How fast time has gone. It really doesn't seem like year should have gone by already. This has been a rough year on Mommy, so I am very thankful we have all survived it. 
Caleb's birthday was sadly pretty uneventful. The 3 older kids spent the night before with Aunt Katy, so there wasn't much excitement at our house during the day. Caleb did get a good birthday nap though. He and Mommy had fun spending the day together before we picked up the other kids. They were so happy to tell Caleb, happy birthday!

His birthday lunch....mac and cheese and green beans.
 After Mommy and Adam got home from Cub Scouts, we had a tiny party for Caleb. We gave him a cupcake from Tessa's party and let him open his presents from Mamma and Bampa. He loved having everyone sing to him and he wasted no time digging into his cupcake. The older kids were laughing so hard at his frosting covered face. 

 He ate his whole cupcake so fast and then looked like he was in a sugar coma. 
 The after mess
 He wasn't too sure about ripping the paper, but he loved discovering new toys underneath the paper, He loves his new giraffe and phone!

 The older 3 were just as excited about his new toys. 

 Happy First Birthday, Caleb.
 We love you so much and are so grateful for the happiness and laughter you bring to our home and family!!

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