Thursday, August 20, 2015

Caleb's 1st Birthday Party

Last night we celebrated Caleb's 1st birthday! His siblings have been so excited about his party. This was almost more for them than it was for him. But, he did have fun!
We had ball themed party for our cute boy who LOVES balls. I think he approved. 

The party and the decor weren't overly exciting, We only had a small crowd coming over. But everything did look cute. The girls wanted to know when we were going to light the lanterns. 

A ball cake for the birthday boy and cake balls for everyone else. 
We had the hardest time getting pictures of him. All he wanted to do was play with his balls. 

Everything still goes in the mouth. 
He didn't really want to stop playing and open presents. But, we got him to hold still for a few minutes to check out his gifts. 
He loves his ball from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Amy. 

He got some darling outfits and a cool train from Michael and Kathleen. He loves his train. 

BYU shirt and some new music from Ma and Pa. Maybe now we can retire the Farm Songs cd after almost 10 years. 
Caleb got the most darling hats and outfits from Aunt Dee.

He got an inflatable ball toy from Mommy and Daddy with lots of balls to go inside. 
After presents were opened, he decided he liked ripping the paper. 

Gwen has been a little out of sorts that she does not have a birthday any time soon. We might have to start celebrating her half birthday. 
Tessa got teased by her Aunts and Uncles about the boy she likes at school. 
Cake time!
He loved having everyone sing to him. Caleb loves music and singing!

He wasn't too sure what to do with his cake. 

But he figured it out pretty quick. 

Tessa tried showing him how to lick the frosting. 

And then a paper plate became far more exciting than his cake. He was a good, yellowy mess!

After we cleaned him up, Daddy blew up his new toy. He loved it!

 All of his birthday loot. 
It was a happy and fun 1st birthday. I still can't believe he is already this old. 
Happy Birthday, Baby Calove!!!

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