Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of School

Yesterday was the big first day of school for Adam and Tessa. They were both so excited!! School days come bright and early for these kids, but they know our routine and were up quickly and ready to go on time with their chores done and devotional compete. I can't believe they are in 4th and 2nd grade. I feel like I just left Adam at his first day of Kindergarten (one of the worst days of my life), But, I am so thankful that they both love school so much and that they love to learn. 
 Adam's new uniform for 4th grade requires a button down shirt, a tie and a vest. He suddenly looks so grown up. He even combs his own hair now. 

 Tessa couldn't wait to see all of her friends. She designed her headband. She loves headbands! She wanted to make sure her outfit was perfect. She also wanted her fingernails purple for the first day of school. I told her we would paint them on Saturday.

 They found their class lines and were ready to have a great first day! Tessa prayed the night before that she wouldn't have any homework on the first day. She was pleased to inform me when I picked them up, that her prayers had been answered. She came home with no homework!
Here's to a great school year for our amazing little Scholars!

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