Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer of Fun-Week 8

Adam has been so anxious for this week to come! This was his special week at BYU Sports Camp. He got to spend everyday at BYU learning about and playing a different sport. Monday was pouring rain, but luckily it was soccer day, so they got to stay inside and play at the indoor field. 

 He was a sweaty, muddy mess when I picked him up that evening. He said it was the best day!
Tuesday, Adam got to train with Cosmo. He said it was so much fun-especially learning about Cosmo's crazy jumps off of trampolines. 
On Tuesday, the girls had their friends, Presley and Cooper come over and play. We made paper bag kites and the kids had fun trying to fly them outside.  

 Wednesday was football day for Adam. He got to spend the whole day playing football at the stadium. Even Mommy was jealous about that!

 Ares came and spent a few days with us while Uncle Danny was away for work. Tessa loved having a buddy her age here. On Wednesday, the kids played in the backyard for hours getting everyone and everything wet. 
 Thursday was baseball day. Adam was so happy that his team won and he said he got some good hits. 
 Mommy and the other 4 kids had a busy day on Thursday. First stop was to the Fire Station. We got to take a tour and see an ambulance and learn about some of the different fire truck. The kids loved being able to go inside everything. 
 Tessa bumped into her friend, Jasmine from school!

 Next stop was the Library for our last story time for the summer. 
 After lunch, Tessa and Ares went bug hunting in the backyard and caught 2 huge grasshoppers. 
 After we picked up Adam, we headed to a duck pond to feed the ducks. We were surprised to find tons of turtles at the pond and loved watching all the baby turtles swim around the water. 

 Adam ended his week with his beloved game of basketball. The women's basketball team spent the whole day with the kids and Adam said it was awesome!
 It was another rainy day, so we spent the morning building forts. 
 Friday afternoon, we stopped by to visit Great Grandpa. I think our noise overwhelmed him just a tad. But he sure loves his Tessa! He brags about what a good artist she is to everyone he introduces her to. 
 After we picked Adam up on Friday, we decided to stop by the Dinosaur Museum. The kids had a lot of fun checking out all the dinosaurs. Gwen freaked out about almost everything. It took us almost 30 minutes for her to stop freaking out about all the bones and skeletons. She was slightly dramatic.

 Tessa loved watching some of the Paleontologists work. She told me, "That's what I want to do when I grow up!"

 We thought this giant sloth was cool. Gwen asked me, "Do sloths eat little girls?" 
 Saturday was party prep day and lots of yard work. The kids had fun riding bikes while Mommy and Daddy got some work done. Gwen got herself all ready for a bike ride. She looks very protected. 
 I thought the gardening gloves were the perfect touch. 

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