Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gwen Starts Mommy School

 It was a big week for our Gwennie. It was finally time to start Mommy School. She has been so anxious to start and has asked everyday since Adam and Tessa went back to school, when it was her turn. She was so excited when Tuesday rolled around and she knew it was her big day. Then she realized she wasn't leaving home. Suddenly Mommy School didn't sound so exciting anymore. She has told me everyday this week that Mommy School means we go somewhere else for school. It might be a long 2 years for this little girl. 
But she sure looked cute and so grown up all of the sudden. 
 For our first week of Mommy School, we learned All About Gwen. She loved that. She has learned the letter A, the number 1, what Utah looks like and where it is on a map, a new nursery rhyme, and we are working on writing her name and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. She's a smart girl! She is picking things up really fast and despite not leaving home, she likes working with Mommy. 
Tuesday we worked on writing her name and learned how to write A's. For her project that day, she drew herself. We loved how it turned out!
 On Wednesday, she made a life size drawing of herself. Adam and Tessa about died laughing when they got home from school and saw this hanging up. They think her face and head look just like a puppy dog. 

 Writing her A's.
 This week we read, "The Lady with the Alligator Purse" and made an alligator out of an A.
Week 1 of Mommy School went pretty well and we had a lot of fun together. She is excited to see what fun things we have to do next week!

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