Thursday, September 10, 2015

What's Been Happening

There is always something interesting going on at our house. Adam and Tessa are loving being back in school and Gwen and Caleb are a little lost without the older 2 at home. Gwen is anxiously counting down the days for Mommy School. Here's a quick glance at some moments Mommy captured the last couple of weeks. 
I love when he plays so hard and then suddenly crashes. Cutest thing ever!
 Caleb thinks my shower is the best place to play. It keeps him entertained long enough for me to get ready most days. 
 Caleb and Gwen have been my walking buddies in the morning. We load up and go as soon as we get home from taking Adam and Tessa to school. 
 Bike rides around the neighborhood with Gwen. 
We stop constantly so she can pick her treasures. 
 Sometimes I cave and let Gwen have her favorite snack in the whole world...chips and salsa. I caught her licking her salsa bowl clean the other day. 
 Caleb loves Curious George and has recently discovered Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. I am not sure why all of my children (except Adam) feel the need to watch TV by standing right in front of it. 
 Adam and Tessa are doing great in school and are good about preparing all of their clothes and lunches before bedtime. 
 Tessa made us laugh with her board of all the things she loves. 
 Saturday we were ready to cheer on our Cougars. It's finally football season!
 We had a fun football party with just our little crew and loved watching an epic football game and win! I still don't think Adam has recovered from that Hail Mary win. 
 Saturday night, Mommy, Daddy and Adam all got to go to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival with Ma and Pa. I loved listening to Adam laugh and laugh. He can't wait to go again next year. 
Monday was Labor Day. We had kind of a lazy day at home. Daddy took the 3 older kids to the park while Caleb took his nap. Then we went to Ma and Pa's house for dinner. 
 Baby Gia is the life of every gathering. Caleb looks so big next to her. I love this picture of him about to "eat" her. 

 Gwennie adores her Baby Gia and holds her as often as she can.
 Tessa was the official S'more maker. She made a special S'more just for Great Grandpa.

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