Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Some fun things we want to remember from the last few days.....
We had fun making treats and "Boo"ing our neighbors. The kids love doing this every year. Gwen's little legs could barely keep up with everyone, but we didn't caught. Or so we think.
 Children invade our bed on a nightly basis! They are lucky that they look so cute and peaceful. 
 Tessa reads to Gwen almost every night. Gwennie loves having her big sister read to her. 
 Gwen got to run an errand to Costco with Daddy. She found something she wanted to bring home.
 The boys got to go to another BYU game this week. I was not a happy Mama to see they got Cupbop and I didn't. I seriously dream about that stuff. Adam is loving going to the games. Eric says he's their loudest fan. 
 On Saturday, Gwen got a fun surprise from Uncle Eddie and Aunt Dee. A giant Care Bear! She was thrilled and has been carrying it around with her ever since. I woke up Sunday morning and saw all this in my bed. Gwen is under the Care Bear. 

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