Sunday, November 15, 2015


November has been good to us. I think the kids are still on a sugar high from Halloween. We've had a busy 2 weeks, but they have been full of happy and funny moments amid the chaos of everyday life. 

We were so, so happy to have a special visit from Mamma and Bampa! Bampa was only here for one day, but Mamma has been around for a couple of weeks. We had so much fun visiting with them. We spent a wonderful afternoon at the park and then Mamma and Bampa endured a ridiculous game of Charades with us in the evening. We hate that they live so far away now, but we love when they visit us!!
 Adam decided to become an author. He started writing a book this month and has spent several evenings working on it. He said things get exciting in chapter 5!
 Mommy got to run away for a weekend and attend the Pinner's Conference. It was so fun to get a little break from everyday life and take several classes that will help me be a better person and a better mom. This weekend rejuvenates my soul and gets my creative juices flowing again. I love it! 
 While Mommy was gone, Daddy and the kids met up with Mamma and some of their cousins at Nickel City and the Zoo. The kids were so happy to see their cousins. Daddy said Caleb was amazed by everything.

 We have been soaking in all the final beautiful days of fall. Our river trail is gorgeous this time of year and we have loved spending our evenings walking through the crunchy leaves. 

 Playing Pooh Sticks
 Tessa found a T stick.
Life is never dull with Gwen around. She did her own make-up for church last week. 
 Tom the Turkey made his annual appearance last week. The kids are excited to see how many feathers he will have by Thanksgiving. 
 We met up with Ma, Pa, Aunt Katy, Uncle Ben, Uncle Matt, Aunt Gillian and Baby Gia to see the Peanuts movie. While the movie was darling, our favorite part was listening to Adam laugh through the entire movie. He has the best laugh! Tessa cried at the end because she said it was romantic.
 We had our first snowfall and Gwen couldn't have been more happy!
 She got all suited up and made snow angels. She waited all winter last year for snow so she could make a snow angel. 

 Then she ran around the backyard yelling, "This is so magical!!" I wish it had snowed more for her. She was so happy!

The other afternoon, I caught Tessa walking outside in this amazing outfit. I asked her what she was doing all dressed up and she replied, "Oh, just going outside to impress the boys." Oh my heavens! And so it begins.....

 Mommy and Tess got to have a fun Mother/Daughter Date with some shopping and dessert. We had such a fun time together and got a little crazy once we got some chocolate in us. 
 Saturday morning, Ma was nice enough to come and play with the kids so Mommy and Daddy could go to the temple. It was so nice to be in such a peaceful place and have our spirits recharged. 
 Saturday afternoon was beautiful, so we headed to the park for some fun. Caleb loves to slide!
 These boys are the best! I love watching Adam play with Caleb. He is such a good big brother and Caleb loves any and all attention he gets from Adam. 

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