Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving 2105

We had a happy and cold Thanksgiving this year! We had frigid temperatures, but no snow. The kids are so anxious for some snow!!
We had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner at Ma and Pa's house this year. We were hoping for a good Turkey Bowl in the backyard, but it was too dang cold! 

 Daddy brought some games to play with everyone while we waited for dinner. Adam and Tessa liked playing Bang with all the big kids.

 Ma reading to Caleb

 Our Tom the Turkey got so full this year. We loved looking at all the things we are thankful for in our family. Gwen's answers always made everyone laugh. 
 Friday morning we got all bundled up and headed to the mall to see Santa fly in on Chopper 5. Unfortunately, it was super windy, so it wasn't safe for Santa to fly in. He surprised everyone and arrived on a Fire Engine!!
Poor Caleb was not loving the waiting, or being held, or especially the cold. He and Daddy ended up waiting in the car while the older kids said hi to Santa. 
 The Fire Engine wasn't quite as exciting as a helicopter, but it was still a fun way to have Santa arrive. 
 We had a great front row spot to see Santa, and then we kind of got crowded out of it, so Mommy couldn't get any good pictures. 

 Tessa and Gwen were excited to see Mrs. Claus!
We found some very special princesses waiting for Santa too! Gwen was so excited to see Elsa and Anna!
 Elsa asked the girls if they were nice to each other and reminded them that they needed to be good sisters, She told them that one time, she wasn't very nice to her sister and she accidentally froze everything. Oops!
 We found Ariel too!

 It was crazy cold and early, but we had fun and love our holiday traditions!
 The Princesses all signed a special card for Gwennie. She walked around telling everyone she got their "annagraphs". 
We love this time of year and are so thankful for all that we have been blessed with! Especially that we are a happy and healthy family!

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