Monday, December 21, 2015

More Christmas Fun!

Last week we finally got a good snow storm and it dumped several inches on us. The kids were so happy to finally have some snow to play in! They played outside until they were frozen and it was dark outside. 

Wednesday evening we went to the Springville Art Museum for their holiday party. The kids got to make several crafts, eat cookies, and even saw Santa....again!!
Gwen sang "Rudolph" for some of Santa's helpers while they helped her with her reindeer puppet. 

 Presley and Copper came with us. They all had lots of fun making new ornaments for the tree. 
 Wednesday night after Daddy got home from work, we went to Festival of Lights. We thought this was the best year yet! So many new lights and they rearranged things this year, so it was fun to look for our favorite scenes. 

 Gwen liked Elsa's castle the best.

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