Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!!

We had a fun and happy new year's! The kids have been talking for weeks about staying up until midnight this year, so I thought we would throw a party and have a fun celebration to help them in their efforts. 
On New Year's Eve day, Daddy took the older 3 to the Library for a New Year's celebration. They got to see a fun magic show, make party hats, and count down until "Noon Year's"! They loved it and were so happy to get noise makers. 

Mommy planned some activities for our party and hid the clues in balloons with different times throughout the evening. At the appointed balloon time, the kids got to pop the balloons and see what our activity would be. 

 We had quite the feast!

 We had a lot of fun playing games with Aunt Katy, some of the Uncle's, and Ma and Pa. 
One of our first games was spoons. It ended with Ben and Katy wrestling in the snow for the final spoon. Never a dull moment when the Lemley's play games!

 We had to play our traditional game of New Year's Scattergories. Uncle Alex joined our party too!

 Adam thinking about his answers. He had some good ones!
 A favorite part of the evening was playing Pie Face with everyone. Ma, Pa, and Aunt were lucky enough to not get hit. Uncle Danny, Uncle Ben, Uncle Alex, and Ares weren't so lucky! 

 We played Charades. Always humorous with Gwennie and Pa. I remember Dad always making Charades hilarious when we would play for FHE.
 It isn't a proper game night if we don't play Nertz!
 Gwen introduced Ma and Pa to all of her stuffed animals. 

 At about 11:30, everyone was done for the night. We watched the Cobra episode from Mama's Family to make us laugh and keep us awake. These crazy kids all made it to the bitter end and at midnight screamed "Happy New Year" to the neighborhood. Then they all promptly went to bed. 
 Caleb woke up right when everyone was leaving and he and Mommy were up until 4:30am. It was a long day and a long night for Mommy, but we had a lot of fun!
 New Year's Day we watched the Rose Parade, Adam watched some football, we played and recovered from our party the night before. Then we went to Ma and Pa's house for our Pennsylvania New Year's dinner. Not a bad way to start off the new year!

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