Friday, January 29, 2016

Time For a Check-Up!

Having a birthday means that Gwen's favorite day was right around the corner. Her check-up with Dr. Paxton. Gwen loves going to the doctor! She thinks it is so fun and has been looking forward to this day for weeks. Her check-up went great and she is a healthy, healthy girl! But what she wasn't happy about was getting her shots. We decided to do them this year and just get it over with. Gwen was really nervous, but she held so still and was so brave. Once we got in the car, and Mommy told her how awesome she did, reality set in and she burst into tears. She cried "I had to get shots!" She was upset for a bit and then got home and refused to move off the couch. She wouldn't walk the rest of the afternoon and demanded that we carry her everywhere because her legs had been broken from the shots. She sat on the couch most of the afternoon looking totally annoyed at the world, which just made the rest of us laugh. Which she also didn't appreciate. Later in the afternoon, Daddy took her to Stokes where she got to pick out a treat for being so brave. It took about 2 days, but she eventually recovered from her horrific experience. 

 Caleb had his 18 month check-up the same morning as Gwen's. He is my monkey and was into everything and climbing on everything. He laughed so hard when the doctor examined his belly. I guess he is more ticklish than we realized. Dr. Paxton said Caleb was a breath of fresh air because most babies his age just freak out. 

 Caleb got his shots too, but they didn't phase him a bit. He came home and was his wild self for a while before totally crashing on the floor. It was an exhausting hour for Mommy at the doctor's office, but we are so grateful to have healthy kids and that we don't have to visit the doctor very often. 

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