Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Daddy Turns 35!

Last Tuesday, Daddy turned 35! On Sunday, we went to Ma and Pa' house for a little party and then on Tuesday, Mommy and Daddy went out to dinner. It was kind of a low key birthday.

 The kids made him laugh, so he didn't quite get all 35 candles. 
On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy got to run away for the day-sort of an extended birthday celebration day. Aunt Katy was nice enough to take the kids for the whole day. They didn't miss us at all. In fact, the next morning when they all woke up, their first question was, "When is Aunt Katy coming back?" They played games and went to the park, and got ice cream, and had a fun dinner. It was a good day for these kiddos. Mommy and Daddy also had a wonderful day! It was so nice to run away together and have some time off from life and actually see and talk to each other. We went to brunch, saw a movie, ran errands, did some shopping, had a nice dinner, and saw The Pirate Queen at the Hale Center Theater. This might have to be our new birthday tradition. 

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