Thursday, April 14, 2016

Easter 2016

We woke up the day before Easter to snow! Which made things extra cool because we could see the Easter Bunny tracks leading up to our house! The kids were so excited about that!
The kids woke up to a lot of fun things left by the Easter Bunny. He knew the kids had a special trip coming up because he left them a bunch of fun things for the long car ride and the trip. 

 They all got new hats for the beach!
 Caleb wasted no time on making a dent in his treats. Especially the peeps.

 Gwen joined Caleb in his early morning sugar fest.
 The Easter Bunny left an egg hunt for all the kids. They had fun finding all their eggs filled with goodies.

 It was a fun and happy morning!
They even got to harvest their jelly beans! Easter suckers grew where they planted their magic jelly beans. 

 Then Tessa got her suckers stuck in her hair.

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