Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring Break 2016-Day 4

California Adventure
The next day we headed to California Adventure! We had such a fun day there! Our first stop was the Toy Story Mania ride, which was so fun! Caleb loved it!

 Caleb hated being strapped into the stroller and then half way through our day, our stroller lost a screw and broke. We set it aside for the day and someone dumped it. So we were stoller-less for the day. This was Mommy's view for a good chunk of the day. Cutest thing ever!
 The kids liked all of the Bugs Life rides. Caleb couldn't go on a few of them, so he and Mommy hung out at the little splash pad. 

 Tessa was so happy to see there were bumper cars! She has been asking for weeks to ride bumper cars. 

Adam, Mommy, and Daddy went on Tower of Terror. Adam said he loved it, but it didn't help his fear of getting stuck in the elevators. He told me, "I will always take stairs. They are faster and better for your health anyways". Silly boy! The girls favorite ride was The Little Mermaid. We went on it about 3 times! 
 We LOVED Cars Land!! It looks exactly like the movie. I wish this had been around when Adam was a baby. He still went a little bonkers over everything. 
Mommy and Caleb got to watch Lightning McQueen while everyone else went on Radiator Racers. 

 We loved Radiator Racers!! Best ride ever!!

 Symphony was so happy to have Adam around.
 A highlight of our day was getting to meet Elsa and Anna!! They were adorable with the kids. Gwen was so excited to see them. She hugged Anna forever. 

 We got to do something really special and take an animation class where the kids learned how to draw Pluto! Tessa was in heaven and I loved seeing her in her element. She did such a great job with her picture. 

 Our last ride for the night was the tractor ride, which was so fun. Caleb loved it!

 Radiator Springs looked awesome at night!
We hung around pretty late to watch the water show. It did not disappoint and was completely amazing!! We had to wait for about an hour, but we had a great view! Everything looks so magical at night!

We were pretty exhausted by the end of our day. Our feet were so sore, we weren't sure we could make it for one more day. We got some rest and geared up for our last day at Disneyland. 

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