Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April Memories

Because of our Spring Break trip, April seemed to fly by! And Mommy is way behind with getting everything documented, as usual. Here's a quick look at some of our April memories.
Mommy and Daddy really needed some alone time, so we got brave and left Adam with his first big babysitting job. We went out for a couple of hours and did some shopping and grabbed some dinner. It was so nice to get away and Adam did a great job with the kids. He even called us to make sure we were doing ok. 
 Running errands with Mommy is exhausting for this little guy. But he sure looks cute in a hat!
 These kids are so lucky to have the best Daddy around!
 Caleb decided to wear Mommy's shoes, but had a tough time getting them on. 

 Kathleen asked Mommy to surprise Kelsey for her birthday and make her a barbie cake. Kelsey is always complaining that she never got cool cakes like our kids get. She was very surprised and very happy. 
 Aunt Dee gave Caleb a box of Star Wars bandaids. He thought they were stickers and wore them as such. All over his arms. 
 He found strawberries in the paper! His favorite!
 What a weirdo!
 We had our first beautiful spring weekend in April. After several hours of yard work, we wanted to go hike the Y. But the winds picked up like crazy and we decided to go fly some kites. After a few minutes, it was even too windy for that. But it was fun while it lasted. 

 I love that all of our kids love to read and look at books. He carried this entire basket of books over by the kitchen and plopped himself down on the floor to read them. 
 We had another cool FHE lesson in April. We talked about our words and how they can affect others. We made some rice and put 1 cup in 2 jars and labeled them Love and Hate. For the next week, we spoke to the jars according to its label. We said nice and loving things to the Love jar, and not so nice things to the Hate jar. After about a week, the Hate jar rice was moldy and yucky looking. The Love jar rice had a couple specks of mold, but nothing like the Hate jar. It was a good object lesson to remind us to use our words carefully. 

 We acknowledged/celebrated Earth Day this year with our favorite pancakes and Dirt dessert.
Gwen could not get on board with eating worms and "dirt".
 Caleb found a fly on our kitchen floor and was enamored with it. 

 Adam and Daddy helped Matt and Gillian move into their new house. Adam was freezing, so he put on some of Daddy's clothes from the trunk of the car, and Pa played "catch" with him to keep him warm. Everyone thought he looked like a homeless kid in Daddy's clothes. 
 Tessa and Daddy had a late night chocolate milk date. She loved it!
 T-Rex came to church with us and got fed all of Caleb's snacks. 

 Gwen has been working so hard on writing her name. Her E's and N's have been giving her grief for several weeks now, but she is finally getting better and is so proud of herself!
 Sunday's are for looking at our fun family memories!
 Adam forgot to tell us that he made the Honor Roll the last 2 terms. He didn't think it was a big deal! He said his goal for next term is to make High Honor Roll. 
 Adam also earned his Bear Award at Cub Scouts. 
 She somehow grew up overnight! She is turning into such a beauty!

I recently got 2 very nice texts about Adam. The top one is from my good friend, and the bottom one is from our Primary President. I have also been pulled aside by his Primary teachers the last couple of weeks to be told how amazing Adam is in class. I am so glad to hear such positive things about our boy. I hope he is always this good!!

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