Monday, May 23, 2016

Nephi's Bow

Last week, our Family Home Evening lesson was highly entertaining. Tessa was in charge and I gave her the assignment of teaching us the story of Nephi and his broken bow. She decided she wanted us to act out the story. She assigned everyone a part and then read us the story. When she wanted one of the characters to say something, she would whisper their line to them . 
Tessa assigned herself the part of the talking camel. She thought the talking camels in the Bob Hope movie we recently watched were hilarious, so therefore we needed to have one in our play. 

 Our lesson was anything but reverent, but we had a lot of fun and this is one of those nights that we will remember for a long time. After our "lesson", we made our own bows and arrows out of popsicle sticks and Q-tips. 

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