Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer of Fun-Week 4

Tuesday, Mommy wanted to have a nice relaxing day to recover from the holiday weekend. I should know better than to say that to myself. I got some kind of second wind and we worked like crazy all day. We cleaned the house from top to bottom, did all the laundry, washed bedding and curtains, and did lots of extra chores. I didn't even workout on Tuesday, but by the time dinner was over, I had walked over 20,000 steps and 9 miles. So it was a productive day! We treated ourselves to a fun evening out and took the kids to a real movie theater to see Finding Dory. It was a cute show and we had fun getting out together. 
 Wednesday morning, the kiddos all slept in and then ended up in Mommy's bed to watch cartoons. This is one of my favorite things about summer mornings. 
 We only got a little bit of grocery shopping done on Tuesday, so we had to finish it up on Wednesday. I decided to turn it into a learning experience, so the older kids learned all about shopping. How to make a list, how to set a budget, how to stick to the budget, name brands vs off brands, and how to read price tags and compare prices. It was a very productive shopping trip and we only went slightly over budget because I let the kids get a slipn' slide.
 Which was completely worth the extra $12 we spent because the kids have played on it non stop since we got it. They love sliding around our yard!


 Thursday we went to the Springville Art Museum where we got to do some art projects, check out all the new galleries, and cast our Penny votes. 

  Tessa accidentally painted her hair...

 We drove by Mamma and Bampa's old house. It made us sad and we just wanted to walk in and visit them. 

 Thursday afternoon was hanging out in the backyard and more slipn' sliding.
 Daddy went out with Uncle Ryan on Thursday night, so Adam and Tessa got to have a late movie night with Mommy. 
Mommy introduced them to Court Jester with Danny Kaye. One of my favorites!
Friday was our day of service. The kids wanted to do something nice for Daddy, so we spent all morning doing yard work, so he wouldn't have as much to do on Saturday. Then we put together some get well packages and took them to some friends who just had their tonsils out .
 Uncle David and Aunt Alex came into town to visit us, so Friday night we went to Ma and Pa's house for dinner to see everyone. After dinner, Pa started another epic Lemley family water fight, complete with Uncle Matt attacking everyone from the top of the roof. Mommy stayed dry until Daddy and Tessa attacked me. It was such a fun night!!

 Saturday, Mommy and Daddy got to run away for a date and saw Big River, which was SO good!! The kids were lucky enough to spend the afternoon with David and Alex and had such a fun time playing with them. It was another fun week. And summer us going by way too fast, if you ask me!

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