Friday, November 11, 2016

Halloween 2016

The day before Halloween, the kids put their costumes on and we went to the Sports Park for some pictures. I wanted to make sure we got some good shots of their costumes this year, without making our actual Halloween day super crazy. They never complain about getting to dress up, so they were totally fine with a picture day.
 Caleb would not keep his mask on. When you're two, you call the shots!

 Caleb the Storm Trooper
 Gwen the Ballerina
 Tessa as Rey
 Adam as Darth Vader

 Caleb loved having "Bader" around. 

 I threw my car keys on the grass at one point when Caleb was actually holding still for a picture, and then chased the kids around taking more pictures. Which resulted in me not being able to find my keys again. We all looked for a few minutes and then I heard one of the kids say, "Shouldn't we say a prayer?" I was still looking and just answered them with a, "Yes, that would be a good idea". Thinking that we would gather together and say a quick prayer,. But when I turned around, this is what I saw. They all stopped right where they were and were praying themselves. Talk about a proud Mommy moment. We found the keys just moments later. 
 This was their "We Found the Keys" cheer!
 The older kids had a half day of school on Halloween. Most of the day was spend in preparation for the evening. Mommy intended on dressing up, but this is as festive as I got. 
 We had the whole family over for dinner. We had a spooky spider nacho bar for dinner
 Uncle Ben stole the show and was probably our favorite part of the night. He bought this costume with Caleb in mind. And Caleb was amazed!! Can you imagine being a 2 year old boy and having a T-Rex walk into your house? 

 Ben danced for us and we couldn't stop laughing!!

Everyone had such great costumes this year!! They all went Trick or Treating and came back with tons of candy. I'd say it was a successful Halloween. 
 Ma and Pa always give the kids a fun Halloween card with $2. A tradition they have carried on from my Grandma Lemley. It's something the kids always look forward to!

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