Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We had such a great thanksgiving weekend. I wish it had lasted longer!
We started our Thanksgiving morning with turkey cinnamon rolls and watching the Macy's parade.
 We also got to skype with Mamaw and Bampa, which we loved! 
 Aunt Katy had crafts for the kids to do at Ma and Pa's house. 
 The kids had fun playing football with Daddy and Uncle Matt and Uncle Danny. It's not Thanksgiving without a turkey bowl. 

 We played some hilarious games before dinner. We had to dress the turkey.

 We played flip the cup. Poor Tessa could not get her cup to stay standing. 
 We had to find the sinking Pilgrims.

 Ma even played with us. 
 Danny kept Gwen good and irritated all afternoon. 
 Aunt Gillian taught us how to play Bunko. Tessa loved it!

 So much to be thankful for!!
 And miracle of miracles...Tessa tried turkey and liked it!

 Adam weighed himself before and after dinner and was disappointed to see that the scale didn't move. I wish I was that anxious to gain weight. 
 Our Tom the Turkey got nice and full this year. 
 We also had a random acts of kindness tree. It was nice to see all the nice things our family did for each other. 

 My favorite part of our Thanksgiving holiday is our family thankful journal. I love seeing the kids writing in it, and I love reading what everyone writes. 

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