Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Today kicked off Dr. Seuss week for us! I had a list about 2 pages long of different activities to do with the kids for Dr. Seuss week, but for my own sanity, I limited myself to 3 activities a day. Today we started with a Cat in the Hat breakfast. I made the kids pancakes to look something like the cat's hat. Nothing great, but the kids loved them. (Tess gladly handed her strawberries over to Adam. It was worth a shot!)
After Adam finished his worksheets for Mommy School, we played a Dr. Seuss matching game. Adam would play matching games all day long if I had that kind of patience.

We made Cat in the Hat hats! I think they look more like something the Pope would wear, but we had fun making them and Adam can't wait to show his daddy!
I have every Dr. Seuss book I could get my hands on for this week. We cleaned out the city library, our own family library, and my parents library. We are hoping to get through them all. I have about 30 written just by Dr. Seuss. Some I have never heard of and several of them have words I can't even pronounce! What a creative man! We are excited to spend the week celebrating his birthday and creativity!!
(My constant battle with Tessa is getting her to smile for pictures!)

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