Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We started our day with Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast! Tessa (our VERY picky eater) won't touch eggs. She had a mickey mouse shaped pancake....not very Dr. Seussish, but whatever! At least she ate. Adam thought eating green eggs was very cool!
Most of our activities planned for today had to be postponed due to a dead camera battery. I want these fun days documented!
We did get a few things in before we lost the camera. Two of the books we read today were, "The ABC Book" and "Fox in Socks". We pulled out all of our alphabet cookie cutters and Adam worked on spelling words from the books. Tess was as helpful as a little sister could be. She liked stealing the letters from Adam. She has been kind of a pill today:) Shocking, I know!
We made Cat in the Hat cupcakes. I really wanted to make Thing One and Thing 2 cupcakes, but the kids voted for Cat in the Hat. Here is our creation. The kids love decorating cupcake and cookies!
Adam asked me yesterday how Dr. Seuss was going to blow out his candles and open his presents if he is in heaven. I laughed and told him our present to Dr. Seuss was going to be reading as many of his books as we can and making a yummy treat to share with our friends. He was okay with that answer!

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