Sunday, March 13, 2011


I've been working on it for weeks! We pulled it off and had a great time! Last night I threw a surprise birthday party for Eric. He was very surprised!
I asked Eric's brother to keep him away from our house for the afternoon. Ryan was awesome and I couldn't have done it without him! Thanks Ryan!
Everyone was waiting for Eric when he got home. He said he didn't suspect anything until he saw my balloon wreath on the door....that tipped him off.
Eric's Mom and I have been gathering things for weeks for this party. I wanted to display as many pictures and things that are meaningful to Eric as I could. I think we came up with a pretty good spread. A huge thank you to my awesome Mom-in-law for finding great pictures and memorabilia for me!
Some of Eric's favorite things....BYU football, The Godfather, Les Miserable, traveling, Pink Floyd, languages, Psych, and Heart of Darkness
I tried to display as much as I could. He has done a lot in his 30 years of life!
We had tons of yummy food! Tessa liked the frosting!
I was so afraid no one was going to come-so thank you to all who came! It wouldn't have been any fun without you! We have wonderful family and friends!!
He blew out all 30 candles!
Happy Birthday Eric!
I had many requests for's my new favorite thing!!
I will post instructions on my food blog this week.

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