Friday, February 13, 2015

6 Months Old!

This adorable (and frustrating) boy turned 6 months old on Wednesday. He is constantly on the move or wiggling, so getting some good, clear pictures of him is becoming harder and harder. He loves to be on the go. We find him all over the house as he rolls everywhere now. We always laugh when we look over and he has managed to get himself into the kitchen. I have a feeling nothing will be safe once he is crawling. His new trick for this month is spitting. He recently discovered his tongue and now he blows raspberries non stop. He blew raspberries all through Sunday School on Sunday. While the people behind us though it was funny, it was mighty irreverent. I guess I really can't take him anywhere semi-quiet now either.
With his new trick comes new frustrations for Mom. Before, when he would fight me to eat (which was always), I could usually get the bottle shoved in his mouth. Now that he can spit, I just get the bottle and a mouthful of milk spit back in my face. It's great fun.
He continues to eat horribly. I finally took him to the doctor about a week ago for some advice and peace of mind. He drinks no where near the ounces he should and each feeding is a battle that usually takes at least an hour. I was worried about his weight, but thankfully, he had been gaining. Of course I think he can't eat any worse and then this week he has. So, so much for trying not to stress about it. His doctor wasn't overly concerned about his lack of fluid. He said Caleb is gaining weight and developing just fine, so for right now we don't need to worry. We did introduce carrots this week and he downed a jar of those with some rice cereal in like 10 minutes. I didn't know he could eat that fast! I guess we will look forward to giving him more solids since he seems to like those. 
Despite his horrific eating habits, he continues to be the happiest baby. He loves to shriek (happy sounds) at the top of his lungs, play with his toys, get tossed around by Daddy, and if his siblings are anywhere near him, he wants to know what they're up to. He has also gotten very grabby. So bye bye jewelry for Mommy.
 We are so grateful he is a healthy and happy 6 month old!
 That tongue! His new favorite toy.

 Always moving!

 He really has no hair, but for our babies, he has a ton for being 6 months old. 
We love his crystal blue eyes. 

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