Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BYU Ballet

On Friday, Mommy, Adam and Tessa got to go up to Salt Lake City to the Conference Center to see a beautiful Ballet by the BYU Ballet Company. They featured several different Fairy Tales-mainly stories with Princesses. It was a fun evening together and I loved introduce a new form of art to my kids. 
We stopped at In-n-Out on the way up for some dinner. Adam had to have his Animal Style Fries.

 During intermission, they invited all the little Princes and Princesses in the audience up on the stage to dance with the Ballerina's. Tessa bolted to the stage so fast, I didn't even have time to tell her where to go. You'll have to play "Where's Tessa" to find her in some of these pictures. She got on the stage and twirled and twirled. Then she went and found a Ballerina to dance with. When the song ended, she gave a beautiful curtsy to everyone in the audience. She had so much fun! Adam went up to the stage too, but just kind of wandered around all the girls. He was slightly out of his element without a ball to bounce.

 We got to meet some of the Ballerina's after the show. 

It was a fun night! I'm so glad we were able to go and make new memories together. 

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