Sunday, March 8, 2015

Saturday Outing

Saturday afternoon, we ventured up north to Fashion Place mall to see the coolest traveling Lego display. It had several different national monuments and they were incredible! It's amazing what some people can do with Legos. 
Caleb was excited for the days adventure!

 The Supreme Court Building and the Lincoln Memorial
 They even had Lincoln inside!

 The White House
 It was huge!

 Adam was so happy to see the Statue of Liberty.
 He wants to go see the real thing so bad!
 The Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson was inside this one as well. 

 The Capitol-this was truly amazing! It was like 25 feet long.

 The Washington Monument
 Independence Hall
 The Liberty Bell
The kids couldn't believe how big this was and that is was the same size as the actual Liberty Bell. They had to check and see if they could ring it. 

 Before we headed home, we found some Legos to play with. They each build race cars to race each other. 

Another fun family outing. We love finding cool things like this!

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