Friday, March 6, 2015

Dr. Seuss and Pancakes

We didn't really do anything for Dr. Seuss' birthday this year. Mommy is trying to learn to scale back when necessary. With Caleb being a stinker about eating and Mommy kind of going crazy over it, we postponed our celebrations for a year. The kids were disappointed and kept asking what we were doing. I felt bad, but before bed, each of them picked one of their favorite Dr. Seuss books and we read those and had some treats. Sometimes, being simple and just appreciating a good book is just as fun as a big party. 

Wednesday was National Pancake Day. Mommy got up early so she could make the kiddos a big stack of pancakes before heading off to school. Having a hot breaking isn't something we have had a lot since Caleb was born, so this was fun treat!

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