Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Adam's Busy Saturday

Adam had a full and busy day on Saturday. His week was full of long school days and late nights of rehearsals. But he was so looking forward to Saturday. He started his morning bright and early with his first basketball game of the season. His team is the Spartan's and he has been looking forward to this since October when I registered him. Daddy went to his game and said that Adam played hard. Adam said it was a lot of fun!

 Right after his game, Adam had time to come home and change and then get back to school for dress rehearsal. He had 2 performances that afternoon. Daddy went to his first show and then Mommy, Tessa, Ma, and Pa went to his second show. He did a great job! The whole cast did! For only having 4 days to learn their lines, songs, and dances, these kids did an amazing job. It was fun to watch Adam be on stage. He loved the experience and can't wait to do it again next year. 

 My little Vagabond

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