Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekly Adventures

This first week of January was a full one! If the rest of our year is this busy, I am going to need an assistant to help me get everything done. 
 A cute and happy spot in our week. Caleb loves to read! I found him one afternoon with one of Tessa's Calvin and Hobbes books, turning the pages and growling at the pictures. Then he wanted me to read it to him. 
 Poor Tessa came down with a nasty case of Strep throat. She had a sick day and a doctor visit. It's only the 3rd time she's ever been to the doctor for being sick. She got on some meds and was much better the next day.
 Our little scavenger. He was probably looking for the whipped cream. 
 This week was baby central at our house. I had the 4 kids I normally babysit, and then we added Gia to the mix one day. Caleb and Gwen loved having a cousin around! 
 I love to see how much she looks like her Daddy.
My hair was her favorite toy of the day. 

 Gia found the stairs and just wanted to keep up with the big kids. 

 The other night at dinner, Caleb refused to eat his own food. But, he happily ate his Daddy's salad and peppers. Go figure!

 The girls had a makeover day. Tessa loved getting Gwen all dolled up. She refused to let Gwen do her makeup though. They thought they were so pretty and showed everyone their new looks. 

 Adam had a busy and exhausting week! On Monday, he auditioned for his school play and was cast as a Vagabond. (They were doing Aladdin.) He started rehearsals on Tuesday right after school and that was his schedule everyday for the rest of the week. School from 8-3 and then rehearsals from 3:30-8pm. He was so tired by the end of the week, but came home every evening with so much energy and loved being part of the play.
 Daddy took the girls out to ride their new scooters one afternoon. They love it, but Gwennie got cold and had to wear Daddy's hat and coat. 

 I love how dramatic everything is. 

 After a long day of being a 17 month old. Life is exhausting.
(And spilling milk all over the couch.)

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