Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Adam Turns 10!

On May 25th, our baby turned 10! Double digits! He was thrilled. Mommy...not so much. My babies need to stay babies longer. The night before his big day, we went out for a special birthday dinner with just Adam, Mom, and Dad. He picked his traditional spot of Iggy's, so he could get a yummy burger and watch some sports. Lucky for him, a basketball playoff game was on and he was in heaven. 

 As soon as we sat down, his eyes never left the giant screen. 

 Our big 10 year old! He was so excited to finally have his birthday fall on a school day. He took treats for all of his classmates and even had a special part in the Memorial Day assembly that afternoon. 
 He was surprised to wake up and find the house decorated and a giant cinnamon roll waiting for him. 
 He asked for a strawberry cake for his birthday, so Mommy spend most of the day preparing his very strawberry birthday cake. It was yummy!

We invited all of the family over to celebrate with us. We were glad some of them were able to join us. 

 He couldn't wait to open his presents!

 The handsome birthday boy!

 He got all 10 candles with that big breath he took!

Happy 10th Birthday, Adam!! We love you and are so proud of you!

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