Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our Hike to the Y

Last Saturday, we loaded everyone up and headed to Provo to hike to the Y. We have been wanting to do this for weeks and were glad to finally have some free time to do it. 
 It was a warm day with lots of hikers on the trail, but the kids were troopers and made it all the way. 

 Caleb sat happily in the carrier until the second switchback, and then he refused to stay in it. He walked up that whole mountain all by himself. We couldn't believe it! 

 He also liked to stop and stomp on any bugs he saw.

 With Caleb walking, it took us forever to get to the top, but we made it!
Right before we got to the Y, Caleb decided he was tired and went back into the carrier. 

 It was a good workout for all of us. Caleb fell asleep on the way down the mountain and wasn't happy about waking up. The older kids were so proud of themselves for making it the whole way! 

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